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The season six finale, Tangent Fire, was a bridge novel that is now taking up to the final season of the series, the war in 2025. Only this is the future that arose from Kirov’s many interventions in the past, a future the main characters must own, and struggle to preserve from the fires of WWIII

After China seized the Ryukyu Island in Season 6, the war spun off on a tangent when Chinese warships began stopping commercial traffic in the Med. This led to commerce raiding there by the Chinese Navy, and a direct confrontation with the Royal Navy, based in Gibraltar and Malta. That battle rolled to the Eastern Med in the defense of Malta, and then the Chinese ally and client state, Egypt, shut down the Suez Canal. Action shifted to the Canary Islands and Cape Verde Islands, as Beijing gave orders for its squadrons there to withdraw to the Indian Ocean.

Here, in Condition Zebra, the great grandson of the Admiral Wells we met in WWII now leads a strong Royal Navy fleet to Cape Town. His mission is to open the sea lanes north to the vital Persian Gulf region, but he is confronted by a strong Chinese Indo-Arabian Fleet that has been reinforced when their Med squadrons moved through the Red sea into the Gulf of Aden

Now the strengths and weaknesses on each navy are exposed in the hard garish light of intense naval combat. The Chinese have no carriers here, and must therefore rely on land based air support, but the Indian Ocean is a very big place. While the British have good carrier based air support, Admiral Wells finds his ships outranged by the Chinese SSM’s and inadequately prepared for air defense against these new missiles. In Condition Zebra, both navies lock horns off Madagascar, as Wells pushes north on a mission to occupy Victoria in the Seychelles. Reinforcements are coming, as the American Carrier Strike Group Roosevelt embarks from Darwin to meet the British Fleet at Diego Garcia.

In the midst of this combat, Qusay Hussein, son of Saddam, launches a much belated invasion of Kuwait, and an action very much like the Gulf War ensues—only this time the Iraqi Army does not stop at the Saudi border. With the vast oil fields of Arabia in jeopardy, the 1st US Marine Division has been following the Roosevelt group in a massive sealift convoy bound for ports in Oman. As the land battle rages through the deserts of Saudi Arabia, the combined US and Royal Navy fleets must now confront Admiral Sun Wei’s reinforced Indo-Arabian Fleet. The fate of the House of Saud rides in the balance.

Now the presence of a big deck American carrier makes a big difference, and the massive 40 ship Chinese fleet faces its biggest challenge in the crucible of naval fire. As this action ensues, Karpov finds that his only solace is in battle, and takes Kirov and Kursk south into the Java Sea. There they become embroiled in the battle to stave off another big Chinese Operation aimed at Singapore and the Malacca Strait.

Action from stem to stern in this one, as the war in 2025 explodes across the vast canvass of the Indian Ocean. Lurking in the background, the simmering hostility between India and Pakistan threatens to ignite yet another flashpoint and bring those two nuclear armed states into the war.

Condition Zebra is the opening book the final 8 book season of the Kirov series, where the fate of the ship and crew will be decided once and for all…with the war in 2025.


China’s World Base Network today

The New Type 055 DDG (Front)

The New Type 055 (Side)

The New Type 055 (Top)

China’s New Silk Road is for Oil (Map)

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The Kirov Series:

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NOTE: Printed versions of the Kirov series are available and will also display on Amazon when you click the “For Kindle” link.

Kirov Saga
Condition Zebra

John Schettler

Part I – Nightmares
Part II – Rock of the East
Part III – Livewire
Part IV – A Near Run Thing
Part V – Rain of Arrows
Part VI – Arabian Nightmare
Part VII – Endzone
Part VIII– The Lion’s Den
Part IX – The Gathering Storm
Part X – Eagle and Dragon
Part XI – Carrier Killer
Part XII – Malacca Dilemma

314 Pages, 36 Chapters, about 100,000 words.
Kindle Version: $4.99 ~ Quality Trade Paperback: $19.99

The Next War... 2025

As these events focus on what would have happened  if Kirov had not shifted to the past in Book 1 of the series.

So if you’ve wondered about the Kirov Series, but find its vast canvas too intimidating to grasp, why not jump in right into WWIII? Start with book 41, Homecoming. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the ride!

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