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“Just when I thought I was out, he pulls me back in!”  Kirov series fans will feel a bit like Michael Corleone with the news that author John Schettler has secretly penned an encore volume of the Kirov Series, #65 in the grand tour. Like Karpov, he explains that peacetime was slowly sapping his strength, and so like a band coming out after a long concert and playing a last few tunes, Mister Schettler has put together one more volume in the series, appropriately titled Encore.

It begins with Karpov fretting over having nothing to do of any importance, and in some emotional distress. His one lifeline was the call he would make to Fedorov every Tuesday on Discord, but this time no one answers. Fedorov has been in a hotel in Moscow reading up on all the history between WWII and the modern day world through 2026 at the end of the war. He receives a most unexpected visit from Director Kamenski, who brings an alarming warning. Fedorov must now flee his hotel and seek out a safe house in Moscow.

Meanwhile, Karpov is worried something has happened to his fellow officer and friend, and he hitches a ride to Moscow on a cargo plane, Kamenski device in hand in the event he cannot find Fedorov. Kamenski now explains another important reason for his visit. He is asking Fedorov and Karpov to go out on one more mission aimed at upsetting and ambushing the arrival of the Skeletal “Murder Hornets” in the far flung future. With nothing better to do, and peacetime a burden, Karpov is eager to get that mission underway.

The plan hatched by Kamenski and the so called “Directorate” in the future is to lay an ambush for the Skeletals on Arrival day. Most of the work is done, but there was new intelligence concerning five Skeletal landing sites that were not covered in the plan. Our heroes are asked to visit them in Baikal and finish the job. Of course these sites are in what the author calls “strange far places,” like those often visited in the series, and this is a refreshing sweet desert after the many meals served up in the main series. The team visits three sites in Antarctica, and two in the north polar Arctic, including the new Russian base at Umka, near Temp AFB north of Siberia. At many of these locations, they find they are not alone, and clashes with the “Ice Men” are the order of the day for Troyak and the Marines.

Fedorov’s research also learns that something has changed in the history of the war in 2025-26. Karpov agrees that it will most likely affect the outcome, so they decide to take Kirov out from Vladivostok to investigate the situation. For Karpov this is the Mother’s Milk of life—naval combat, and he gets two chances at that before this one ends.

From the very first in this book, Karpov and Fedorov come to suspect that the opening threat Kamenski reveals is a plan hatched by their nemesis Ivan Volkov. Indeed, another version of Volkov has come to the new Prime Meridian from somewhere else, and he hatches numerous plans, Kamenski’s warning being just the first. (Remember what happened at Irkutsk?) This eventually leads to a chance encounter at Ilanskiy, and then a bold challenge posed by Volkov to end this encore. Like a favorite song from your favorite band, the ending here sees Kirov going out to give Karpov the chance he has been waiting for, head-to-head with Volkov on the high seas.

In many ways Encore represents a more fitting final end to the series as a whole, and it also answers a number of lingering questions, one involving the character study the author presented for Tasarov. We learn more about Kamenski, the Skeletal Arrival in the future, and get a more fitting resolution to Karpov’s long Vendetta with Ivan Volkov.

This one is not to be missed! And you may not get another chance to dance with the series for some time, so snatch it up. Encore is completed and now entering the production cycle at the Writing Shop Press. Look for it on or before July 1, 2022, (on this Meridian).


Assault rifles at Isandlwana?

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    • Encore

    • By
    • John Schettler

    • Part I – Discord
    • Part II – Back in the Soup
    • Part III – Ice Worms
    • Part IV – Third Time’s a Charm
    • Part V – Diversions
    • Part VI – Deja vu
    • Part VII – Up In Smoke
    • Part VIII– East China Sea
    • Part IX – Resolutions
    • Part X – Showdown
    • Part XI – Treachery
    • Afterword

Epic High Fantasy in the tradition of Tolkien presents a great war as the Empire of Innisfail struggles to hold its frontiers secure against Barbarian incursions and the rise of three powerful Dreadlords. But as trader Kaspar Jakhad takes refuge in the great desert crater called Starfall, he discovers a most unusual man, with most unusual weapons, William Doran, Corporal, Kings Dragoon Guards. New Mythic Military Fiction from the author of the Kirov series, John Schettler. Available Now!

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NOTE: Printed versions of the Kirov series are available and will also display on Amazon when you click the “For Kindle” link.