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ABOUT Queen’s Gambit


The Action continues right where it left off, with Tyrenkov holding a gun to Fedorov’s head in an effort to compel Karpov to yield. Rodenko has orders inherent in the code “Queen’s Gambit,” with a plan to extricate Karpov and Fedorov from a Life or death situation.

This opening sets the template for many riveting actions to be presented in this volume. With the Raptor war dying down, the Power of the Kamenski Device is at the heart of all our heroes will do, and their first missions here are to secure as many of the keys as possible. Thus the long mystery revolving around the keys, their origin and makers is finally revealed. And each time a new key is added and mounted in the Kamenski Device, the box delivers more and more capabilities as a time shift controller.

Armed and ready, Fedorov and Karpov now learn why the last cryptic message from the future was sent telling the Watch to “beware a ship… beware Kirov,” and they are shocked to learn just what measures were made to target Kirov that they were never really aware of. Getting to work, Fedorov decides they are in a good position make a useful edit in the history of WWII by removing the German raider Kaiser Wilhelm from the order of battle. This leads them to the deep south Atlantic to catch Kaiser Wilhelm in the act as it was about to seize the USS Norton Sound as a prize.

As way leads on to way, Fedorov’s curiosity about another big US Navy operation in nearby Antarctica then sees them move south to investigate Operation Highjump, and Admiral Byrd’s mysterious flight into the heart of that frozen continent. The resulting discoveries are rather alarming, and Fedorov and Karpov are soon engaged by a deadly new enemy, one that they find active even when they return to 2026 to see how their edits have worked.

As they struggle to correct missteps and misadventures, they must also maneuver to make Kirov’s first regression to the past happen, as the Prime Meridian that thought they were trying to preserve is now gone up in the nuclear ashes of 2021. Securing the future of the Altered States is now essential, and they know exactly where to find the culprits they must now intercept—their own selves. The Doppelgangers will have several head to head meetings and they try to shape their actions in the past. Then unwelcome visitors appear in 2026, the first wave of a dangerous new incursion that even Karpov is at his wits end to try and stop.

Finally, Fedorov tries his hand as a ground commander in WWII and the duo now begin to make more edits in that history after seeing how it all turned out.

Lots of major revelations in this one as old longstanding mysteries get resolved and new ones bloom in their place. Queen’s Gambit is not to be missed…


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Kirov Saga:

Queen’s Gambit



John Schettler


Part I – A Backward Step
Part II – Mending Fences
Part III – The Seven Keys
Part IV – Traitors
Part V – Shadow of Things To Come
Part VI – Highjump
Part VII – Ice Man
Part VIII– Doppelgangers
Part IX – Conclaves
Part X – Unwelcome Visitors
Part XI – Murder Hornets
Part XII – The Phantom General

36 Chapters, 320 Pages - About 102,000 words

Kindle: $4.99     Trade Paperback: $19.99

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The Kirov Series:

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NOTE: Printed versions of the Kirov series are available and will also display on Amazon when you click the “For Kindle” link.