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Historical military fiction with time travel

Author John Schettler specializes in writing historical military fiction with time travel or alternate history. His best selling Kirov series and the latest release of the Devil Ship epitomize his mastery of the genre.

Historical military fiction with time travel is a story set in a documented historical period that involves military conflict. It can be a war or battle in the past, or a hypothetical conflict in the future, where the author presents real historical figures as characters, sometimes interacting with his own fictional characters. The arrival of characters capable of time travel causes interventions and variations in that history, which changes the documented flow of past events and produces an alternative historical outcome. Interventions in Military history can be particularly decisive and dramatically alter future history arising from that period. For example, what if the South had won the American Civil War? What if Napoleon had defeated Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo? These are the kind of questions explored by mixing historical, military and time travel genres.

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28 JAN 2023


First Reader Reviews Are In!

The Devil Ship was released on 12 JAN 2023. I want to share with you some of the reviews it has received:

    “The depth and scale of the research is peerless and results in a thoroughly believable account of an alternate history of the First Opium War."

    The explanation of the origins of the Opium Wars is by far the best and most concise one I’ve ever read and sets the scene superbly for the adventures of HMS Nemesis.”

    “It has all the intrigue and background that we have come to expect from the author. Treasure ships, naval guns and Marines intermix with the all important KEY that makes all this time travel possible. It ends with a statement:

    "The West might do better in their dealings with modern China if it were to remember what China suffered in the 19th Century." This book tells some of that story in in a book that you will enjoy.€

    “I certainly found €˜The Devil Ship’ very interesting - almost steam-punky! I love this idea of a ship like that, ahead of its time, only in the deep past. (It’’s even got rockets. What’s not to love? Except perhaps the fact that it really existed - like Kirov)€

    5.0 out of 5 stars Gripping alternative history of The First Opium War”

    “If you want to read a book that will keep you reading well into the night, knowing you should really put it down as you have work the next day but can’t, then this is a book for you.€

If you have read the book or are still reading it, I  encourage you to sound off and post an online review. Reviews are key to getting the book noticed, helping it to  gain momentum, and rise from millions of other published books. It matters a great deal to me to hear from you. I look forward to reading them.

Note that you do not need to finish the book to post a review. You can share, for example, what made you select the book, what goes on in your mind about the chapter you are reading. And you can come back and edit or expand your review at any time. A survey related to the book will be released soon. I’d like to hear from you!

If you have not already done so, get The Devil Ship.

Looking for the Battle Books and Special Editions?

Battle Books feature only the historical narratives of a given campaign as presented over five to ten Kirov Series volumes or more. You do not have to have read the entire series to enjoy them. They are complete alternate WWII history narratives on their own.


Click Foxbane for all the Kirov Series Battle books covering the north African campaign and Pacific Campaign.

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Click Field of Glory for the Kirov Series spinoff Keyholder’s Saga books covering  famous battles in history, including Vol I Waterloo, Vol 2 Isandlwana , and the latest volume, The Devil Ship

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Available Now!

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12 JAN 2023

The Writing Shop Press announces author John Schettler’s new historical military fiction, The Devil Ship, is now available on January 12th for Kindle and in Trade Paperback. The research was even more extensive for this one, relying on official accounts by the ship’s Captain, numerous other eye-witness accounts, a couple of movies available, including a 60-episode drama of certain events translated into English for John, episode by episode, minute by minute.  The book will feature an atrocious war involving both naval and land fighting between two great empires.  Mark the release date on your calendar and be among the first to get the book!

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